05/23/17 Tuesday Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Monday was a rain day, so spent the time cleaning, laundry, and other projects. Tuesday I rented a car and drove back into NYC to do the tours of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. The islands are only accessible by ferry to maintain security. Staying near the NJ ferry terminal with my boat was cost prohibitive. Was cheaper to spend 3 nights at Croton on Hudson, rent a car, and all other associated costs. I didn't take any pictures inside the Ellis Island museum, too many people and you can't convey what being there means. Go; experience the history; you won't regret it! National Park Service did an amazing job! Watch the moves; see the artifact displays; and then there are the pictures (probably thousands)!

Wanted to get a ticket to the crown of the Statue. You can see out of the crown and you get to climb the inside of the Statue. Crown tickets book 4 to 5 months in advance. So I settled for a pedestal ticket that gives you access to a balcony just below the base, 5 floors up.

Ellis Island from the pedestal balcony

Ground Zero from the pedestal balcony

Looking up from the base of the pedestal

From the edge of the island

Thousands of kids from grade school and high school, thousands of self absorbed tourists with their selfie sticks trying to immortalize themselves with history in the background, and then a bunch of people lost in the history and the place. Worth the effort and every penny!



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