05/26/17 Friday Houghtailing Island to Waterford, NY

Another day of on and off rain. Waited for a break in the rain to pull the anchor and head on up to Waterford (26 miles). It rained on and off all day, so not many pictures.

The river has narrowed even more. Very important to stay in the channel.

Then at Coeyman's there is this ship. It's between 400 and 500' long! It came up from NYC as the lock at Troy, NY is too small to accommodate it. My hat is off to the captain who brought this up through the S turn at West Point and the narrow stretches further up the river.

My first lock since Virginia. This is the federal lock at Troy, NY. It's a steady drizzling rain and you have to be out in it when locking, sucks!

A couple miles further up is the turn for the Erie canal at Waterford, NY. The rain continued while tying up to the visitors center dock, so no pictures. Tomorrow is a lay day and hopefully better weather for pictures. Sunday starts the locks in earnest. First five in 1.5 miles lift me 170', game on!



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