05/29/17 Monday (Memorial Day) Randall, NY to Little Falls, NY

No pictures today as it was raining almost all day. Traveled from Randall to Little Falls, 27 miles and 4 locks. In case your wondering, standing in the rain handling lock lines isn't much fun. The canal at Little Falls is 363' above sea level. Little falls has a nice bulkhead docking facility and charges a significant fee (for a municipal dock on the canal, many others are free). Unfortunately there are no stores or restaurants within walking distance. Being as it was Memorial Day, the only choice for dinner (other than cooking) was the pizza place. So two of us each ordered pizzas which were delivered. The pizza fit right in with the weather, disappointing. Considering you pay for dockage here, Little Falls was ok at best. Forecast is more rain for tomorrow. :(



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