06/02/17 Friday Baldwinsville, NY to Senaca Falls, NY

After leaving Baldwinsville, I decided to take a side trip down to Seneca Falls. Two of the Finger lakes (Seneca and Cayuga) are tied to the Erie canal by Cayuga - Seneca canal. The lakes are 30+ miles long but only about 1 mile wide. Seneca is the deeper at over 600' (that's not a typo). Seneca Falls is on the canal before you get to Seneca lake. The canal has several locks. I'm now over 430' above sea level! The city has quite a rich history with a number of manufacturing companies starting there. Tourism is now the bigger industry with lots or stores focused on visitors and many restaurants.

The earlier version of the Erie canal featured several aqueducts, where the canal crossed the river. Here is the remains of one.

In this picture looking at it from the end, the waterway was the lower area in the middle and the higher area on the left was the tow path where the donkeys walked pulling the barges.

A very nice church dating back into the 1800's, just before you round the corner into Seneca Falls.

The canal along Seneca Falls with docking on both sides

The nice river front area. Docking water and electric are all free to boaters!

A couple of rental canal boats. These can be rented to tour the Erie canal. Sort of like an RV on the water where you cruise from town to town.

A nice park with bandstand along the canal. Seneca Falls has many outdoor concerts and festivals during the summer.

As manufacturing has died off, Seneca Falls has moved to tourism. They like to imply that they could have been Bedford Falls in the movie "It's a wonderful life".  Hence the street signs.

During the day

In the evening



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