06/03/17 Saturday Seneca Falls, NY to Lyons, NY

Seneca Falls to Lyons is about 20 miles, so I arrived early and had nice weather to explore the area. Lyons is your nice village on the canal with free dockage, electric, and bathroom / shower facilities. The town has a nice park with bandstand, a number of stores, and the required ice cream shop (this is becoming a bad habit). The towpath trail along the canal had a number of historical signs explain the ruins and former factories that had been here.

The free wall and park below the fire department building.

The park with bandstand

Here are the remains of the aqueduct that carried the canal over "Mud Creek".

An old picture of the aqueduct before it started to deteriorate more than 150 years after it was built.

A drawing of how this second version of the canal (Clinton's Ditch was the first version) passed over the Mud River.

An artists rendition of aqueduct with towpath and the lock to the right would have looked.

Dinner was at another very nice tap house & grill (another recurring bad habit).



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