06/04/17 Sunday Lyons, NY to Newark, NY

The rain is back again, on and off. So I moved only about 5 miles to Newark. Another nice village on the canal with free dockage and electric. Both sides of the canal have parks and mooring facilities. Tried a Save A Lot grocery store, and was very successful in saving a lot as they had none of what I was looking for. So I walked about 1.5 miles down to Wegmans. Had never been in one of these either. They're a regional chain serving 6 states in the Northeast. Wow! This is a premium quality grocery store with a vast prepared food section. Very easy to find more than you were originally looking for. You could probably get rid of your kitchen and eat there all the time or carry it home.

The canal with mooring walls and parks on both sides.

The visitors center with bathhouse facilities and floating dock for smaller boats.

Another view of the park and towpath trail.

Tonight's choice for dinner. I'm getting into a bad habit.



  1. No reservations necessary? Just find an open spot and dock?


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