06/05/17 Monday Newark, NY to Fairport, NY

Traveled the 20 miles from Newark to Fairport in intermittent light showers. Fairport is a larger village with many stores and restaurants. They have done extremely well at repurposing old buildings such as factories, and making them into retail office space on the ground floor and business offices on the upper levels. There is docking on both sides of the canal. They use a sliding scale for mooring fees based on size, $7 to $11 per night for everything.

The canal looking to the East.

Slow Hand sitting at the dock with to of the repurposed building to the left.

They call this building "The Box Factory" possibly referring to the previous use. Ground floor has retail stores with offices on the upper floors. The Ice Cream Factory is 2nd from the left. $3 for a generous scoop of hand dipped ice cream! Decided to spend another day in Fairport to do more research at this store.

This is Fairports famous lift bridge. As lift bridges go, this one breaks most of the rules. It's not level. It's not perpendicular to the canal. There are a lot of odd angles where most lift bridges are all about right angles. As the bridge is now over 100 years old, it seems to work pretty well in spite of it's oddities.

Here is the bridge in the down position.

The up position.

There is a staircase on the right side of the bridge tender's house so that you can walk across the bridge when it's up.



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