06/06/17 Tuesday 2nd day in Fairport, NY

Decided to spend a second day in Fairport and do some more exploring and Ice Cream research.

Stepped out out of the pilothouse to see this.

Here comes round 2.

Going back for more. This is called pushing water.

The Genesee brewery in Rochester, NY is replacing their brewing tanks. The only way to bring these huge tanks in was by barge on the Erie canal. The 2 tugs were moving 4 barges. When they came to a town or a lock, they dropped one, pushed the other through, and came back for the second one. The barges are so big, the tug doesn't fit in the lock at the same time. So it goes tug through, then 4 barges one at a time, then the final tug.

Another view as they were going under a bridge.



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